Allan Pickett, Executive Chef at Swan About

In my role as Executive Chef at Swan About (as well as Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe) I don’t just oversee the dishes that the team craft and the menus they create, but the very ingredients which go into them.

Just as the team will make sure every detail of an event is meticulously planned from invites to execution, we wouldn’t serve a single bite that wasn’t restaurant quality, thoroughly tested, personalised and, well, perfect.

That’s why where produce is concerned, we will settle only for the best. After all, as any keen cook could tell you, a dish is only as good as the quality of everything that goes into it.

With this as our mantra, we’re proud to use seasonal British produce wherever we can, and to base everything from our canapés and bowl food to full-on feasts around what’s at its peak – right here, right now.

Using the best of British like we do makes a world of difference to how our dishes taste, harnessing the fullest flavours and giving the best eating experience. And best of British really does mean the best, full stop.

From Somerset rapeseed oil to Scottish salmon, Kentish fruit, Hampshire watercress, Lake District bacon and south coast fish, in this country our produce is second to none. I’ve met chefs from around the world who envy our haul and it’s easy to see why.

Our farming industry is revered the world over, our meat of exceptional quality, we’re surrounded by prime fishing waters and our climate is ideal for a multitude of crops. And then there’s our world class beers, small-batch local spirits and brilliant, burgeoning wine producers to wash it all down with.

Much of our produce comes from even closer to home. We use London honey that’s made south of the river, we cook up our own jams on-site at Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, and cure our own trout there too. My Mum has even foraged berries, rosehips and damsons for us, that’s how close-knit we like to keep it!

We personalise everything we make, shaping our dishes around you, your event, your guests, venue and budget. We can take your ideas and run with them, but have a feast of our own, too. Just get in touch and tell us what you have in mind, or browse our menus for inspiration. Then relax, enjoy your event and let us take care of the rest.