Museum of the Order of St John

We are delighted to announce that we are listed as a preferred supplier at Museum of the Order of St John.

Located at St John’s Gate in Clerkenwell, The Museum of the Order of St John is a beautiful venue with a vibrant history dating back to the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Each of the eight private event spaces is embroidered with elements from its colourful and captivating past. Once forming the entrance to the ancient headquarters of the Knights of St John, this venue also has links with Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

From the intimate Prior’s Dining Room, which can seat up to 8 guests for a dinner or meeting, to the grandeur of the Chapter Hall where large-scale receptions of up to 200 can take place, the 8 event spaces also includes the bright and airy Church, the private Council Chamber, the unusual and charming Old Chancery, the elegant and fascinating Galleries, the evocative and peaceful Crypt and the Cloister Garden, which overflows with flowers and fragrant medicinal herbs.

Steeped in history, with atmospheric rooms and unique decorative details, The Museum of the Order of St John is a hidden gem in the City of London, and a beautiful venue for your next event.